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Founded in 22nd of August 2000 Souvenir Shoppe is wholly owned by Sasrestu Sdn Bhd, a bumiputera company involves in both retail and wholesale market.

As a prestigious home decorative company Souvenir Shoppe exemplifies authentic english style with vast range of products. Our product embodies creativity and exclusivity, crafted to matched the highest standards of managementskills in ensuring high level ofclient satisfaction.

Synonymous with our tag line koleksi perhiasan ala Inggeris” or english decorative collection, Souvenir Shoppe promotes an extensive collection of english decorative items, home decors and accessories, artificial flower, wedding gifts, elegant furniture and chandeliers.

Souvenir Shoppe is continuously committed to strengthen its presence in the market by promoting product diversification at an affordable and competitive pricing. We are truly inspired to become the leading brand in home decorative business.

KINDLY EMAIL OR TEXT US AT US souvenirshoppefb@yahoo.com

019 2975145 for any order.

MAYBANK BHD - SHABBY Souvenir Shoppe - ACCT NO : 512204 814992

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


KEY HOLDER CODE 51000240 - RM 45 

23 X 29CM

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